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Zen & The Art of Timetabling

The Art of Timetabling


Have you ever looked at your life and wonder, what might be controlling it? Zen and the Art of Timetabling gives a glimpse into a secret world. Known to many but understood by few, timetables are all around us.
This book explains the brief history, rules and constraints, here is offered an insight into that simple, yet complex multi-dimensional living beast.

Aimed at anyone wishing to understand, discover and discuss why a timetable should be the centre of their universe. Covering such fields as academia, transport and wedding planning, topics are discussed with a mixture of humour and knowledge. 
Ebook Now Available to buy  -  Zen and The Art of Timetabling
 Rule Five. No one is more important.

 Except they all are more important than everyone else. They will make sure you know. 


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